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We are a licensed moving company that established in East Of LA.

We dedicate to provide end to end moving service in every Zone and Corner. Call us whenever you need the service and we will work wherever you are.

When you book our service, we will provide movers, trucks and blankets for protection.  

At Z&C Moving, we understand time is valuable, we can schedule your move with short advance times if needed. 

本公司是注册在洛杉矶东区的持证搬家公司, 我们提供全套的搬家服务,让您不再有搬家的烦恼。我们提供卡车, 工具,包装膜,还有保护毯子,保护您宝贵的家具及物品。 员工训练有素,专业且态度友好,公司保险齐全, 可进出搬运高级公寓,办公楼。  

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